Our Purpose

The Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund (WRSCF) was set up with the primary purpose of conserving Singapore’s endangered native wildlife. It also supports capacity building, education and awareness programmes on key species and conservation issues in the Southeast Asian region. The WRSCF seeks to fund projects which make a pragmatic, substantial and long-lasting contribution to local biodiversity research and conservation, which includes elements such as sustainable development, public education and environmental awareness. WRSCF is designed to provide accessible and flexible grants for persons who want to contribute to the conservation of native wildlife species.


Preserve Biodiversity


Protect wildlife and habitats and ensure sustainability through:

  • Education and public outreach
  • Breeding of endangered animals
  • Research and field conservation projects


  • To promote co-operation between zoological institutions, aquariums, bird parks, conservation organisations, education institutions and government agencies with regards to nature conservation
  • To provide knowledge, skills, funding and resources to promote field conservation
  • To offer environment and conservation education to enhance public awareness and understanding of wildlife conservation
  • To support disaster emergency relief and recovery with the aim of assisting victims, their community and wildlife