• Pangolin

    Does an adventurous palate justify brutality? Before this delicacy reaches the table, the pangolin is smuggled in crammed cages, hammered in the head and scalded in boiling water.

  • Asian Elephant

    The Asian Elephant may soon be a forgotten species as urbanisation invades the last remnants of its habitat.

  • Orang Utan

    With a life scarred by deforestation and poaching, what will the Orang Utan cling on to?

  • Oriental Pied Hornbill

    Once a striking voice of the rainforests. Now but a fading echo. Urbanisation is destroying the natural habitat of the Oriental Pied Hornbill, threatening its existence.

  • Malayan Tiger

    Is it curiosity or a bullet that will kill this cat? With urbanisation altering its habitat and food sources, the Malayan Tiger falls prey to hunters when it goes feeding on village cattle.

  • Bali Mynah

    Robbed of its home, friends and freedom. How much lonelier can the Bali Mynah get? With its existence threatened by poaching and deforestation, it won?t be long before the handful in the wild is gone.


The island state of Singapore, despite having lost much of its natural forest cover to urban development, still harbours a valuable diversity of animal and plant species. These are our unique natural heritage and deserve our best efforts to protect.

The Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund (WRSCF) was set up with the primary purpose of conserving Singapore’s endangered native wildlife, and also supports capacity building, education and awareness programmes on key species and conservation issues in the Southeast Asian region.

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